Chef BK Park



Known as one of the country’s premier sushi chefs, Chef B.K. Park has more than 20 years of experience working with seafood. Born in Jeju, South Korea, he was two years into studying hotel management before he relocated to Chicago to continue his education. During this time, he worked as a server in a sushi restaurant where he was invited to join the line when the chef needed extra help. An ambitious self-starter, Park threw himself into the technique and culture of sushi, learning as much as he could. Soon, he moved on to Tsunami in the Gold Coast and within two years had established himself as head chef. In 1999, he joined the team at Mirai Sushi and spent seven years as head chef before moving on to co-open Arami in West Town. After three successful years, he opened Juno in 2013. Juno is particularly lauded for their authentic omakase menu, which showcases Park’s immense talent and is enjoyed at the sushi bar while watching him at work. The restaurant secured three-stars from Chicago Tribune with critic Phil Vettel calling it “one of Chicago's very best Japanese restaurants.”

Mako, named after a species of shark known for its speed, precision, focus and instinct, is Chef B.K. Park’s highly-anticipated passion project, a culmination of his years of expertise seeking out and serving the most pristine fish in the world.